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Woodland Works Ornaments

Mr. Hagenow is currently taking a class through Delta College called Math and Science Manufacturing Experience (MSME). As part of the class, he had the opportunity to spend a week long internship at a local manufacturing plant. He was assigned to Fullerton Tool, and spent July 29-August 2 working with numerous people at both of their plants in Saginaw to learn the many different aspects of a manufacturing company. Mr. Hagenow was able to meet with people in customer service, shipping and receiving, production, maintenance, quality, coating and media hone, marketing, engineering, quoting, IT, web development, and members of their leadership team. It was a great experience and he learned many new things that have been shared with his students.


As part of the Delta class, Mr. Hagenow has to implement a project in the area of math or science with his students. The project that he chose was to have the students create their own manufacturing company which would raise money for our chapel offering project, the Garuna Foundation. This manufacturing project is giving students real life applications as students have had to fill out job applications, go through the interview process, take on the responsibility of a particular job while working together as a team, and to produce a quality product to sell in order to support a Christian organization. There is also a direct connection with what they are studying in life science. They are learning about the cell and how the parts of a cell work like a manufacturing company. Each organelle in a cell is similar to each part of a manufacturing business.


The 7th-8th graders have named their company Woodland Works, and they have will be selling hand crafted ornaments. They have also created a logo, motto, mission statement, and goals. The attached flyer and order form has also been made by the students. Thank you for your consideration in purchasing an ornament from Woodland Works, crafting for a cause. 

Woodland Works Logo.jpg
Woodland Works Ornaents Picture.jpg
Deadline to order: October 18th
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